How do I create my account?

Creating my Sencrop account

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Account creation

It's really easy a quick to create an account on Sencrop.

You just need to enter:

  1. your main crops - so we can customize your account

  2. the issues you face - so we can help you

  3. the location of your farm - so we can find the closest stations around your fields

💡You can either click on Locate me - and we will use the location of your device or manually enter your address

4. your personal information - so we can send you alerts and help you monitor your crops

5. Customize your account and start trying the app - so we can tailor our communications

By creating an account, you accept our terms of service and the privacy policy.

Not a farmer?

If you are not a farmer, follow the link at the bottom of your screen, so we can adapt the app to your needs.

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