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To link your station to the DST of your choice:

On your desktop: go to the main menu at the top right of your dashboard, then click on the DST section.

On your smartphone: click on the More section at the bottom of your dashboard, then click on the DST section.

You will find a list of Decision Support Tools. A full description of each tool is available by clicking on it. You can verify the compatibility of each DST with our stations. Follow the steps to activate the tools.

Please note that you must have a valid subscription to those services to be able to connect them to the Sencrop sensors. Moreover, you will have to contact your DST provider to get specific information for activation.

Movida: https://www.bayer-agri.fr/outils-services/movida/
Rimpro: https://rimpro.cloud/
Vintel: https://www.itk.fr/solutions/vintel/
Fruition: https://360viti.fruitionsciences.com
Corhize: http://www.corhize.com/

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