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How do I clean my Raincrop station?
How do I clean my Raincrop station?

If your rain gauge isn't measuring rain correctly, we advise you to clean the station / Rainfall problem

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⚠️ Important

  • First check that your installation meets the recommendations for accurate readings.

  • Check the cleanliness of your station every 3 months or as soon as you observe an anomaly in the rain measurements.

Cleaning process

To clean your Raincrop Station, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the station (so that it does not count rain).

  2. Unscrew it from the mast and open it (by making a quarter turn).

  3. Remove the filter from the rain gauge by turning it to check that nothing is obstructing the water flow.

  4. Clean the bucket.

  5. Make sure that the water drains properly.

  6. Put the station back in place and turn it on again.


Still having issues?

Send us pictures of the clean station (clean filter and funnel, visible bucket) so that we can pass it on to our technical team.

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