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How do I manage the stations I access from a network?
How do I manage the stations I access from a network?

Add or remove a station from a network

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⚠️ Access to the Sencrop network is free by default.

⚠️ To access stations on a private network, you must be invited by its administrator.

The number of stations you access is determined by your plan.

If you have reached the maximum number of stations on your Dashboard and want to access another station on the network, you must delete one before you can add another.

Add a station from a network

To access the map of the stations in your network:

  1. Go to the Menu in your navigation bar

  2. Then, select Networks

  3. Click on the network of your choice

  4. Add the station of your choice to your Dashboard by clicking on the orange pictogram.

Remove a station from your dashboard

You can, at the bottom of your screen, click on the three vertical dots in front of the station name and click on Remove.

Once you are under the limit of your plan, you can add a new station on your dashboard.

⚠️ Once you have deleted the station, you will no longer have access to its history, even if you add it later.

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