Access to the forecasts

To access the forecasts click on Weather in your navigation bar.

You can access the forecasts for rainfall, temperature, hygrometry, wind (average speed, gusts and direction) in detail every 3 hours.

On the far right, you will see spraying indicators that inform you of the coming conditions and allow you to plan your treatments.

⚠️ You can change the position of the forecast data by clicking on Position. You will then be able to select the forecast for your operation or one of the stations on your Dashboard.

By clicking on the indicators, you can access the criteria used to display the spraying windows.

These parameters are provided by Meteoblue.

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Modify the forecast model

You can also modify the forecast model you want to obtain according to your needs over a given period and circumference around the selected station or farm.

💡 To access the most reliable model around you, check this page.

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