How do I access the forecasts?

Accessing the weather forecasts

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You can view several types of forecasts that will assist you in making timely and effective decisions within your fields.

Some advanced forecasting features are subject to limitations based on your subscription level.

Accessing the forecasts

Available data

We are offering you five types of data:

  1. Rainfall

  2. Temperature

  3. Hygrometry

  4. Wind (average speed, gusts, and direction)

💡 You have the option to display the forecast either on an hourly basis or in 3-hour periods.
➡️ How do I access the radar?


To access the weather data map of the stations:

  1. Click on Forecasts from your Home screen

  2. Select the location of your choice

Sencrop - Access forecasts

💡 You can choose to display the forecast either centered around your agricultural business or at any of the stations available on your dashboard.
If you need to change your agricultural business location, you can modify it in your app.

Change the forecast's location

You can change the forecast location to any of the stations available on your dashboard.
💡 You can find a station by typing its name into the search field.

Sencrop - Change the forecast's location

⚠️ To use the best model forecast, you must select a station rather than the location of your farm because we use the data from your stations to recommend the best forecast model.

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