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To get an accurate wind direction it's important to verify that the Windcrop is correctly installed.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), wind direction is defined as the direction from which the wind blows. For example, the South wind blows from the South to the North. The North wind blows from the North to the South.

Observation in the fields

If the wind vane is pointing on the South, it means that the wind is coming from the South.

Observations on the app

There are two types of wind indications on your app:

  1. The wind arrow (1) will indicate where the wind goes toward.

  2. The wind direction (2) - following global standards - under the wind arrow, represents the direction from which the wind is blowing.


💡 If you export the wind direction values, they will be expressed in degrees.


On the app: South wind (comes from South and blows to North)

On the export: Values between 160° and 200°

⚠️ The direction of the wind arrow on the dashboard always will be the opposite of the actual wind vane.

It happens because of wind vane design and physics, particularly a path of least resistance — the point of least resistance points into the wind.

The wind vane's tail is larger than the front, making the front end the least resistant point. For the wind vane to work correctly, each side of the vane's weight must be of equal mass.

But, the area of the opposite sides of the vane must be unequal, forcing the point of least resistance to face into the wind.

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