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What are Sencrop forecasts and how to use them?
What are Sencrop forecasts and how to use them?

Use Sencrop forecasts to get forecasts with the best reliability, great precision and adapted to your station

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What are Sencrop Forecasts?

Sencrop Forecasts is a forecasting mode developed by Sencrop. Thanks to your weather station’s historical data, we provide the best forecasting models at an ultra-local scale to offer you the most reliable 6-day weather forecast.

It has been tailored to your field by:

  1. Computing all the 40 models that are available to us and selecting the most pertinent data at the time you are viewing the forecasts.

  2. Enhancing those data with your station's history.

Enabling this mode will provide you with precise and tailored forecasts that learn from your station.

If you prefer to analyze the models by yourself, learn how to use our model comparator.

How to activate Sencrop forecasts mode?

To activate the Sencrop forecasts simply:
1. Go to Weather from your navigation bar

2. Swipe the Sencrop forecasts selector at the top of your screen

Sencrop - Activate Sencrop forecasts

How to modify my forecast location?

You can change the forecast location to any of the Raincrop stations available on your dashboard.

💡 You can find a station by typing its name into the search field.

Sencrop - Modify Forecasts location

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