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How are Sencrop forecasts becoming smarter over time?
How are Sencrop forecasts becoming smarter over time?

Sencrop forecasts, best model for temperature, rainfall, wind speed / gusts, hygrometry)

Updated over a week ago

⚠️ You cannot select your farm for the Sencrop forecasts because we require station data for comprehensive forecast comparisons across all models.

Sencrop forecasts are not available for Windcrop, Leafcrop, or Solarcrop stations at the moment. Our priority is centered on optimizing Raincrops due to its rich and diverse dataset.

Constant analysis of all our 40 models

We are constantly comparing the data of your stations with what our 40 forecast models are predicting.

We simultaneously estimate the best model by:

1. Data (temperature, rainfall, hygrometry, wind speed, wind gusts)
2. Location (where your station is located)
3. Horizon (the time frame for which the model will predict the forecast)

Determine the overall accuracy

We measure the differences between predicted and actual values to determine the overall accuracy of the data being analyzed.

We provide insights into patterns and trends within the data, allowing for more informed decision-making.

With this method, we display the best mix (among our 40 models) tailored:

  1. for your station's specific location,

  2. for your desired data,

  3. at the time you view the forecasts.

By generating the best mix every day, we will learn from it and propose improved releases of this feature over time.

Still having questions?

If you still have questions regarding your forecasts, we are here to help you.

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