How do I clean my Thermocrop?

The temperature and/or humidity of your Thermocrop is saturated, your Thermocrop needs to be cleaned/maintained

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⚠️ Important

First check that your installation complies with the recommendations for good reading accuracy.

Check the cleanliness of your station every 3 months after each spray or as soon as you observe an anomaly in the temperature or humidity.

Cleaning process

To clean your Thermocrop station, you must:

  1. Turn off the station

  2. Clean the shelter with a damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth

  3. Turn the station back on


To clean your Thermocrop follow the steps concerning the temperature and humidity sensors and electronic box with the antenna within this video. 👇

Still having issues?

If the data still seems inconsistent despite having cleaned it, we are here to help you!

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