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How do I install my Thermocrop?
How do I install my Thermocrop?

Installing and positioning my Thermocrop station

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The positioning of the station is fundamental to ensure that accurate data is collected.


A few prerequisites must be followed:

  • The temperature and humidity sensors, protected by the slatted cover, are placed depending on the location where you want to record the data (e.g. near the ground, among foliage, or as near as possible to the shoots).

  • The electronic box with the antenna must be positioned as high up as possible. It is important to place this box outside the trees’ foliage, and at a height that will ensure good reception.

You can evaluate the signal level by accessing the Health dashboard of your station.
➡️ How do I access my station's Health dashboard?


To install your Thermocrop follow the steps for the temperature and humidity sensors and electronic box with the antenna within this video. 👇

Following these specifications will let you collect data that reflects as closely as possible the true conditions on your plots. To optimize data collection, it is also sensible to choose a place that is representative of your plots.

Still having questions?

If you still have questions regarding your installation, we are here to help you.

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