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How and why create an alert?
How and why create an alert?

Create an alert to protect your crops and be notified at the best possible time

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To create an alert, click on Alerts in your navigation bar.

Alerts will allow you to stay informed of weather events in the heart of your crops and to plan the best time to intervene.

You will be able to deactivate or reactivate an alert from one season to another by clicking on the slider button in your alert table. This way, you keep the settings in the application even after the harvest.

Create an alert from a template

We have provided you with two alert templates in the application: a frost alert template and a treatment alert template.

By default, we have chosen the data most used in the application.

To add it, you just have to

  1. Click on the + to the right of the alert.

2. Select the station on which you want the alert to be triggered.

💡 Tip: You can add the predefined alert and then modify the trigger criteria by clicking on the three small vertical dots and then Edit this alert.

For more information on alert editing, go to the create a custom alert section.

⚠️ If you choose to receive a text message, make sure you enter a valid mobile number.

Create a personalized alert

  1. Select Add

  2. Select the station(s) on which you wish to create an alert from your list or by searching using the search bar

  3. Click on Select X stations at the bottom of your screen

Then select a condition necessary to trigger the alert. You can choose additional conditions by clicking on Add a new condition.

⚠️ If you add more than one condition, all of these conditions must be met at the same time during the specified period.
More information

Name the alert and select the different means of communication by which you wish to be notified.

⚠️ If you choose to receive a text message, make sure you enter a valid mobile number.

💡 Tip: To select Notification you must create your alert from a cell phone on which you have authorized Sencrop notifications from the device settings.

You can activate the alert for specific time periods by selecting Custom Range.

Set the reminder and automatic reactivation of the alert.

Then click on Create an alert to add it to your alert table.

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