My alert doesn't go off

Problem triggering the alarm, my alarm is triggered too late

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If you have not yet created an alarm, read this article first.

Checking the conditions for triggering my alarm

Check that your alarms have the desired conditions set.

If you add more than one condition, all conditions must be met at the same time during the specified period.

Example: For the alarm to be triggered, the following criteria must be met:

1. the wet bulb temperature must be lower than +1° .

AND at the same time

2. the dry temperature must be lower than +1°.

Check my profile information

If your alarm does not go off, check that you have entered a valid mobile phone number in your profile.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send a text to a landline number.

To do this, click on your Name > Settings and select My account.

💡 To receive notifications, check in the settings of your phone/tablet whether you have activated notifications for Sencrop.

➡️ Enable notifications on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

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