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The positioning of the station is fundamental to ensuring that accurate data is collected. A few prerequisites must be followed:

  • The arm of the station must be pointed north to ensure the accuracy of the wind direction indicator (a compass is included in the box, just to make sure).

  • The area around the station should be free from any obstructions. Any obstacles (hedges, buildings) must be situated at a distance of at least ten times the height of the obstacle.

  • The land where the station is placed must be flat, and the station must be level.

  • The quality of the network that allows data to be sent from the station to the application must be adequate. We would be happy to evaluate the capacity of the network to transmit the data to your plot. Just ask via our application (Menu > Help).

Following these specifications will let you collect data that reflects as closely as possible the true conditions on your plots. In order to optimise data collection, it is also sensible to choose a place that is representative of your land. You could alternatively choose a sensitive zone, or a place where the meteorological conditions are ‘extreme’, in order to intervene with as many precautions as possible.

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