A collaborator :

  • is a person who works in the same company/organization/cooperative... as you.
  • will have mandatory access to all stations for which you are owner and guest.
  • has the same rights as you, except for the possibility to add an "collaborator" or a "member" to your network.

⚠️ To enable a collaborator to manage your account and be able to add collaborators to your organization, add members to your network, and select plans for your members, you can change their role.

A member of your network :

  • is a customer who wishes to have access to your network.
  • can select up to 2, 20 or 40 stations of your network (according to the plan selected).
  • cannot add a collaborator and/or member to your network.

⚠️ You can directly select your member's plan in the application.

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