How do I access the irrigation?

Accessing water balance, and evapotranspiration to better monitor my irrigation

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To better manage your irrigation system and monitor your crop's water status, navigate to the Irrigation section of your application.

⚠️ To do this, you need a Solarcrop, the pyranometer designed by Sencrop.

Creating your water balance

To create your water balance:
1. Go to your Menu
2. Click on Irrigation
2. Select the crop you wish to control.

💡 If the crop of your choice has not yet been created, click on Create a new crop.

You can then create a new field.

Sencrop. - Creating your water balance

If you have already created a water balance and want to edit or delete it, see the article below.👇

Enter your soil type

Providing accurate information such as stoniness and soil depth can significantly impact the accuracy of the calculation. While this information is optional, we always recommend providing it if you have it available.

Doing so will help us provide you with more accurate insights into your water management, and ultimately help to optimize your irrigation practices.

Add your Total available water

If you already know your Total Available Water (TAW), you can directly enter it into the app.

⚠️ Note that this will deactivate the soil type and it won't be taken into account.

Access the evapotranspiration

To access the evapotranspiration data of your crops, click on Evapotranspiration at the top of your screen.

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