To help you better manage your irrigation and monitor the water status of your crop, you can access the Irrigation section of your application.

⚠️ To do this, you need a Solarcrop, the pyranometer designed by Sencrop.

➡️ How and where should I install my Solarcrop?

To access irrigation in your app

1. Click on Go to irrigation on your Solarcrop card.

2. Select the crop you wish to control.

If the crop of your choice has not yet been created, click on Add a water monitoring on another crop at the bottom of your application.

You can then create a new field.

3. You can now access the water balance at the top of your screen.

If you have already created a water balance and want to edit or delete it, see the article below.👇

➡️ How do I modify my water balance?

5. Enter your soil type

6. You can observe the water balance from this tab throughout the season.

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