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Why do I have a single spoon on my Raincrop?
Why do I have a single spoon on my Raincrop?

I don't have a double spoon bucket on my rain gauge

Updated over a week ago

Since December 2022, you might observe a single-spoon instead of a double-spoon bucket.

Will the collection of my rain data change?

No, the way we calculate the rainfall will still be the same as before (1 tick of buck = 0,254 mm). The accuracy remains the same.

How will the single spoon benefit me?

2 reasons why:

1. The system is less sensitive to bad installation in windy conditions or unleveled ground when the perfect installation is not possible.
2. The system improves the accuracy of our measurements during very heavy rainfalls.

⚠️ Don't forget that it's really important to follow our installation recommendations.
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