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Why are my mast and tripods not painted?
Why are my mast and tripods not painted?

I don't have any paint on my mast and tripods

Updated over a week ago

Since March 2022, you might have observed that our masts and tripods are not painted anymore.

We chose to remove the paint for several reasons.

A two-part tripod for a 1.5m height

Our mast is only separated into two parts:

  1. The upper piece of the tripod is now blocked in the tripod's head and guarantees better stability.

  2. You can verify the level of your station while installing it before putting it at the WMO recommended height: 1,5m high.

A non-painted all-weatherproof stainless steel tripod

  1. Better dimensional setting: without a coat of paint, we avoid any possible blocking or gaps between the mast and the tripod.

  2. The stainless steel masts are designed to stay outside all winter long without any meteorological impact (rust...).

  3. Controlled costs: even though the raw materials costs drastically increased, we reduced them by removing the coat of paint that was applied to our previous version of the product and are able to keep the same price as before.

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